White Harpy (9
White Harpy (9

White Harpy (9" Bullet) in Blue Crystal Glow Combo


    Heads up, shell fanatics! There is more iridescence coming off of a white Harpy's side panels than Mother of Pearl, plus our special glow shines right through. Put a white Harpy wearing Blue Crystal Glow in the water when you haven't a clue what to use. It will keep you busy until you figure it out.  It's worked for us.


    The Harpies are a cross between a successful, old standby and new, creative design. We stopped the line-twisting, color-blending spin of conventionally-made bullets with true keel weighting and oval saddles. This baby swims straight with a hydrodynamically designed tight wobble.

    This 9" lure presents a mid-range size and silhouette that makes it easy to match the hatch.  Harpies weigh in at 4 ounces unskirted, with a polished head length of 2 3/4". Run them on the long corner, short rigger & long rigger, on a 200-300 lb. leader.

    You can troll a Harpy at higher speeds and she'll still swim along with a smile on her face.

    Pro Tip: Try a Harpy for a nice surprise when you're targeting Wahoo.