The BFD Difference

So what is it that makes A Real BFD a successful lure?

Keel Weight

Keel-weighted lures were determined to be more effective over 100 years ago by legends like Shakespeare, Heddon, and Pflueger. Today, only a handful of craftsmen take the time to put balanced weight in their trolling lures. All BFD lures are keel-weighted so they spin less, perform better, and catch more fish.

Oval Saddles

Oval skirt saddles present a more lifelike, authentic, baitfish silhouette. This unique feature contributes to the “no spin” stability of BFD lures. You won't find design like this anywhere else.


Multi-Angled Heads

Every BFD head has been specifically engineered for performance. These aren't your standard round tubes that spin through the water. Every angle was designed with a purpose and tested for hydrodynamics, creating action and performance that will catch more fish.

Glow that Lasts

Glow in marine fishes was reported by Alexander von Humboldt in 1802 and has been incorporated in fishing lures since the early 1900’s. BFD makes dramatically more successful lure heads infused with Rare Earth Elements, to create a glow that lasts longer. This isn't your grandpa's glow hook. This is chemistry.


Flash, Texture, and Iridescence

Every pelagic fisherman knows: before you can fool a big fish, you have to get his attention. BFD lures have the widest variety of color, dichroic flash, iridescent shell, and textured natural materials than any other line of lures on the market.

Attention to Detail

Every lure is made by hand. Usually by a short, sassy fisherwoman that's a stickler for detail and fussy about flaws. That means each of your lures are made with care and quality, and polished to a high shine.
Get what you pay for.


Expert Skirt Combos

BFD’s proven skirt combinations are the result of decades of on-the-water experience. When BFD began many years ago, Eric White and Dan Magers contributed lifetimes of knowledge from fishing all over the world, laying out the best possible skirt combos so you wouldn't have to guess anymore. Over the years we've added, changed and modified to include the the best of the bunch, wherever in the world you might be trolling.