Baja Blue Vixen with Lumo Glow
Baja Blue Vixen with Lumo Glow
Baja Blue Vixen with Lumo Glow

Baja Blue Vixen with Lumo Glow


    We built a perfect lure around Blue Ocean's gorgeous Lumo glow skirt! The Baja Blue color scheme has been extremely popular in the 7" Spitfire model, so its time to roll it out in a classy 9" plunger.

    The glowing blue head with flashy inserts and red eyes is all new and improved with better pigments and glow. The ULTRA bright glow of the inner skirt is a favorite from Australia to Baja, and it really works with pattern and contrast through the hologram blue outer.


    Proven Performance!  Keel weighted, with our own specially designed oval skirt saddles, these 9″ slant-faced plunger-style trolling lures are perfectly designed and balanced for stability and action.

    You get a lure that doesn't spin, that pops & dives, and has a true baitfish silhouette.

    Add our unique Rare Earth Element glow, and our custom textured hologram inserts, and you have a package that screams “come and get me” to big predatory fish!

    These sassy 9" Vixens are perfect for matching the hatch when baits in the water are a little bigger than 'fingerling' size.  Marlin, wahoo and big tuna love these flashy lures.

    Run Vixens on the long corner and the riggers. Use 130 – 250 lb leader for the best action.