9" Aussie Blue Abalone with Custom Shell


    This spectacular shell is always a favorite, and for good reason! This particular shade of abalone blue makes a wonderful pelagic lure - the aqua color in the water is very 'mahi bue' with flashes of pink and yellow in the light.

    I created the insert to match the shell, and it glows VERY bright - plus it has fleks of dichroic flashy film inside. I made reddish-pink hologram eyes, and paired a custom skirt combo with a top-gun inner. These are cool colors for warm water.

    NOTE: ask nicely and I'll pop a couple pairs of wings in the box for you at no charge :)


    These 9″ plungers are perfectly designed and balanced for stability and action.  Every lure is hand crafted with true keel-weighting to prevent spinning and keep it stable and performing in the water like it should.  Our unique oval saddles give every lure a lifelike profile.

    Perfect for marlin, wahoo, and bigger tuna, this design is a proven winner.