White MOP Siren w/ Flat Iron Herring Skirts (glow)
White MOP Siren w/ Flat Iron Herring Skirts (glow)
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White MOP Siren w/ Flat Iron Herring Skirts (glow)


    The White Siren has piles of Mother of Pearl reflecting iridescence from different angles, giving you more shimmer than a flat shell slab.  Flat Iron Herring are a prolific baitfish loved by pelagic fish the world over, which our skirt combo imitates perfectly. We even throw in a glowing inner so you get flashy shell and glow all in one lure.


    Like their namesake, Sirens call to everything in the sea.  Proven irresistible to marlin, tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi, and yes, even sailfish!  Known to many as our original "Tubby" the Sirens are a perpetual favorite among all of our customers.

    Our versatile little plunger weighs a hefty 2 ounces and is belly weighted, with oval skirt saddles. Beautifully designed and balanced, you can run these in any conditions and they will pop and dive just like they should. Perfect for matching the hatch when baits are 6 – 8 inches, when you need a little more action than a bullet.

    Can be used on the long rigger, but gets lots of attention at Shotgun position. Run Sirens on 60 – 130 lb leader for the best action.