Red Hellcat - 9
Red Hellcat - 9
Red Hellcat - 9
Red Hellcat - 9
Red Hellcat - 9
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Red Hellcat - 9" Jetted Plunger with Red Paua Shell


    This specially made 9" jetted plunger has all the features of BFD's successful design, plus a unique inlay of Red Paua Shell that we custom ordered from Hawaii.

    We made this just for you few red-lure fanatics out there. The shell is offset by a custom-mixed deep red glitter on the insert, and complimented by our blue aurora skirt with silver belly.  The inner skirt glows, which shows through the outer just enough to create a little contrast in low-light conditions and catch the eye of predators.  Real-life taxidermy style eyes complete the attention to detail.

    This isn't a standard item in our inventory: there's only one like it.

    Read about our unmatched jetted plunger design below.



    Our 9" Jetted Plungers will catch air and swim heavy seas like no other.

    Our jet tubes get 22% more flow than any other lure on the market. The bigger jet tube design is customized for our unique lures, working with the oval saddles and belly weight to maintain ballast. Our jets are positioned differently, sitting higher on the face so they can 'breathe' when the lure comes up for air.

    Hand crafted with true belly weighting for stability and oval saddles for a lifelike profile, these jetted plungers have perfectly finished faces that have a larger surface area than most, giving you more action. Perfect for matching the hatch when baits are a little bigger than your 7" lures, going for marlin, wahoo, and bigger tuna.

    Heads weigh 3 ounces un-skirted. Run them on the long corner and the riggers, on 200 - 300 lb leader, and get ready for action!