Purple Harpy (9
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Purple Harpy (9" Bullet) in Pink Skipjack Combo


    A purple Harpy makes our Pink Skipjack skirt combo dance. Our experience, confirmed by a professional, is that Mahi-Mahi, Blue Marlin & Striped Marlin love this color ... but fishermen don't.  Give it a swim and see for yourself.


    The Harpies are a cross between a successful, old standby and new, creative design.  We stopped the line-twisting, color-blending spin of conventionally made bullets with true keel weighting and oval saddles. This baby swims straight with a hydrodynamically designed tight wobble.

    Purple Harpy's textured lavender hologram insert flashes subtle purples and blues from the crevices with just a touch of red sparkle to go with it's red hologram eyes.  The touch of gold hologram glitter in the matrix really stands out on this double-poured head.

    This 9"  bullet trolling lure presents a mid-range size and silhouette that makes it easy to match the hatch.

    Harpies weigh in at a big 4 ounces unskirted, with a polished head length of 2 3/4".  Run these big game lures on the long corner, short rigger & long rigger, on a 200-300 lb. leader. You can troll this lure at higher speeds and she'll still fly along with a smile on her face.