Mahi-Mahi Diva in Dorado Glow Skirts
Mahi-Mahi Diva in Dorado Glow Skirts

Mahi-Mahi Diva in Dorado Glow Skirts


Approximately 2 Weeks to Delivery

    Anybody who has spent a lot of time on the water has watched big marlin chasing mahi-mahi, particularly small mahi in spring. Ever been landing a small mahi and seen Mr. Big lurking about 10′ down?  In our post on Blue Marlin Feeding Habits, mahi-mahi or dolphinfish were found frequently in the stomachs of blue marlin.  Our unique dorado-style Diva wearing mahi-mahi skirts is the lure you need on a marlin hunt.


    The Divas are flashy and splashy, but like ladies of worth, they are stable.  With oval saddles and true belly weight, they won’t spin, and they won’t skip in most any wave position or speed.

    With the perfect dive & surface action, along with the unique profile, these plungers emulate your larger baits … particularly the bigger baits that a blue marlin loves!

    Triple-poured and hand crafted with attention to detail, this Diva is a dead ringer for a mahi-mahi (dorado). The green top and hologram glitter caps a glowing insert covered with flashy Mahi Yellow, Bright Green and Electric Blue splotches for contrast and reflection. The iridescence in this head catches the eye of predators like marlin, just like a little mahi does.

    The 12" Plunger Heads weigh in at 4 ounces un-skirted. Run these on the long corner or long rigger, on 200-300 lb leader … and don’t be afraid to kick the speed up a few knots!