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Custom Spitfire with Semi-Precious Stones


    Custom Spitfire with Semi-Precious stones per customer order, coordinated skirts.


    The Spitfires are no ordinary bullet that goes spinning through the water!  Our 7″ bullets are belly weighted so they SWIM, they don’t SPIN!  Our unique oval skirt saddles present a more lifelike silhouette.  The double-poured, multi-angled head design produces a tight wobble at speed, vibrating the skirts as well.

    Spitfires are used anywhere but the corners, and they love swimming shotgun. We recommend running them on a lighter leader (60lb -130lb) to increase their action.

    Irresistible to Mahi Mahi and small to medium tuna when their natural baits are running 6 to 8 inches. They’ve been known to catch a marlin or two, as well!

    Heads alone weigh 2.5 ounces.