Custom Abalone Ballyhoo Fury
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Custom Abalone Ballyhoo Fury


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    With a long, slim profile, these heavy bullets emulate a different set of baitfish than anything else in your spread.  The 7" saddle puts them in the class of light tackle, emulating the hatch. But with a 3" long cylinder full of genuine hell around lead weight, you get a heavy, stable bullet.

    Nature does a better job with texture and contrast than humans do, so we use the real deal in Furies with varying colors and shades of shell and semi-precious stones. The jagged edges and textures give an appearance unlike any other lure.

    Keel weighted, with our trademark oval saddles, the Furies are destined to become a favorite in your marlin spread.

    These sleek and sexy lures perform beautifully in rough seas and won't skip at higher speeds, giving you an edge over a standard 7" bullet when you need it. Run them on the long corner, riggers or shotgun. We recommend 150 - 200lb leader.