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9" Lap Chong Jetted Bullet with Dragon Skin


    I made this custom lure for fans of the Lop Chong skirt combo, with a black insert, deep purple dragon skin, purple hologram tape, and my handmade eyes.

    Lop chong is a terrific hot summer marlin lure with a black and purple outer and the purple / orange / pink lop chong inner. Lop Chong (or lap cheong) is a Chinese style sausage. I have no idea why this skirt combo is named after a sausage or if marlin eat processed meats, but I do know it works :)


    BFD Jezebels are a 9″ Jetted Bullet like no other.

    First, we use 4 over-sized brass tubes that provide 22% more flow through than standard sized tubes.

    Second, we didn’t just put these 4 brass tubes in a square and centered lead weight. The jets are positioned in a rectangular pattern to work with the motion of the lure and create more flow.

    Third, the tubes stay in position because this jetted bullet is Keel Weighted. 

    Fourth,  the Oval Saddles provide a more lifelike silhouette and additional anti-spin assurance.

    Heads weigh 4 ounces un-skirted. Run these everywhere, even the corners, on 130 – 300 lb leader.

    If you like bullets, you’ll LOVE the nice slow wobble action you get from a Jezebel. Marlin, tuna and wahoo love them too.