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9" Sugar Baby Scoop in Electric Boobs Skirt Combo


    Electric Boobs is my own pink-over-white glow combo that became a big hit in South America (specifically Costa) a few years ago. This year I was asked to pair it with my white glowing Sugar Baby scoop - so here you go!

    I'll get the rest of the photos done shortly!


    The Scoop is a 9” keel-weighted lure with our custom designed and precision-machined scoop face.  This cutting-edge mod creates more pressure on the jetted surface than a round-nosed jetted bullet or flat-faced jetted plunger.

    The scoop concentrates force, producing a tighter wobble and more water flow through the jets.  This also results in more action in the skirts.

    Like all of our jets, the tubes are positioned differently than your average run-of-the-mill lure, with a higher and lower position for bigger action.  The larger inside diameter of our brass jets grab more air, smoking a bigger trail when the lure surfaces and sounds.

    You've never run a smoker like this before.  You'll never want another one after do.