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7" Rockette - Heavy Mini Bullet w/ MOP Slab in Strawberry Alarm Clock


    Striking white MOP slab against a black hologram background creates the most classic contrast in any lure.  This is Jana's kicked-up version of Strawberry Alarm Clock with a specially made inner of pink and orange with gold flek. KILLER for Ahi or Wahoo.



    Many of our customers know the story behind these wonderful little heavy bullets:  one of the most popular lures we ever made.  We quit making them because they're such a Pain In The *&%.  But once in a while I get ambitious and create a few.  Getting that thick shell AND weight into that little mold is a challenge, and I usually ruin 2 for every good one that turns out.

    Like all of our 7″ bullets, these are keel-weighted so they SWIM, they don’t SPIN!  Our unique oval skirt saddles present a more lifelike silhouette.

    These weigh a full ounce more than our 7" Spitfire bullets.