About BFD Big Game Lures

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Two opinionated old salts...

...and a cantankerous engineer set out to redesign the standard trolling lure, determined to create a performance lure thatSWIMSand doesn'tSPIN.

After decades on the water...

...the anglers were frustrated with trolling lures that spin like a torpedo, blending skirt colors beyond recognition.

What's the use of spending all that time, thought, and money on great skirt combos if they spin around and look like a piñata in a blender?

Original BFD Prototypes

The unique prospect of creating trolling lures with oval saddles was born of a desire to reduce that spin, and create a more lifelike profile in the water. A lot of time, money, prototypes, and late nights later: oval saddles, multi-angled heads, and anti-spin technology were born.

Through the years...

...BFD partners traveled and fished and worked with partners all over the world to prove the effectiveness of BFD Big Game Lures. From the very first swim we caught marlin, mahimahi, tuna, wahoo, and even sailfish.

The first BFD Siren (aka tubby)

In 2015...

Jana joined the BFD team and soon began incorporating her extensive fishing heritage with artistic ability to make unique, limited edition lures. Before long, the 'Jana Specials' became the driving product behind BFD, and every repeat customer clamored to own one of her handcrafted beauties.

Fast forward to the present...

...and many now know Jana as the face of BFD, posting helpful videos on YouTube, running the lure shop and the website in a one-woman show. Every lure you buy has her hand in cutting brass, pouring lead, mixing custom resin colors, and creating world-class baits with shell, dichroic materials, and anything else she thinks might catch you a grander. 

With the welcome addition of a new partner in 2022, BFD becomes a 'we' again. An avid fisherman from Louisiana, and longtime customer of BFD, has stepped in with vision, funding, and a positive attitude (along with a little bit of Cajun Crazy) to help Jana produce more and innovate further.

With the added help, you'll soon see your favorite little luremaker on the docks, at tournaments, and on the boats fishing once again. You'll also see some new designs, more products, and everything we can think of to help you catch fish.

Thanks for being a BFD.

Happy Fishing.