Striped Marlin Feeding Habits

by BFD Lures on March 15, 2022

Research Data on Striped Marlin Feeding Habits around Cabo San Lucas Mexico

You have probably already read this research on Striped Marlin Feeding habits, published over 20 years ago. But in case you have not, here is a summary and a link to the original report in its entirety. This report is based on stomach content analysis - not opinion.

Key Points:

  • Striped Marlin feed several times a day.
  • Striped Marlin prefer water temperatures of 68-77 degrees F. (20-25C)
  • Striped Marlin spend most of their time in surface water - the top 33 feet or 10 meters.

Diet Based on Stomach Content Analysis:

  • 29% of a Striped Marlin's diet is Pacific Mackerel
  • 16% of a Striped Marlin's diet is California Pilchard (Sardines)
  • 10% of a Striped Marlin's diet is Jumbo Squid
  • 8.5% of a Striped Marlin's diet is Herring

To read the full report, visit this link: daily.ration.striped.marlin.2011