Lure Head and Skirt Colors

by BFD Lures on March 15, 2022

Nothing in the world of offshore fishing draws more discussion than lure color. Pelagic fish feeding habits, water temperature and clarity, seasonality, prey base life cycle, light conditions, location etc. all play a role in color selection. There are lure color patterns that have been effective certain times of the year for decades.

Only years of on-the-water experience can narrow the thousands of possible combinations to a few dozen that produce results. The partners and consultants at BFD have decades of experience in open water commercial and sport fishing, and this expertise helps narrow the field. 

There are a number of synopsis article and links to studies here on the website that will help you understand what pelagic fish are eating (and when and how) if you can manage to plod through the science.

When he isn't busy skirting lures, Eric White (known by many as 'allyearfishing' on eBay) contributes to our website with a blog article now and then. Be sure to read his seasonal installments that discuss the intricate changes in the ocean at different times of the year, and the effect these have on our quarry as well as their own prey.  You will quickly see that his knowledge of marlin and other pelagic fish behaviors is extensive, and extremely helpful when considering what to use in your spread during different seasons.

You can always ask us for advice when you order lures: we're more than happy to help.  But if you read up on the sizes and colors of baitfish teeming in the oceans during the different seasons of the year, our choices and recommendations will mean that much more to you, and will make more sense.