All Resins Are Not Created Equal

by BFD Lures on March 15, 2022

Premium Resins for Premium Trolling Lures

Pelagic lures are not cheap, particularly the unique and handmade varieties, and those that use premium materials.  The heads of some big-name trolling lures are injection-molded in mass quantities, while others (like ours) are handmade one at a time.  

On the surface, clear shiny “plastic” is clear shiny plastic.  But there are differences.

There are hard resins that polish quickly, but unfortunately they chip and crack easily.  Hard resins are not very UV stable, which allows insert colors to fade. If you've ever dropped one of these beauties on the deck and watched your wallet shatter, you probably started thinking about chemistry.

There are soft resins that come right out of molding machines nice and shiny, and don’t need polishing.  This is handy for the lure maker that churns out mass marlin lures for a lower price, and can't afford the cost of polishing.  These lures come out of the box looking new, but they show wear and tear quickly. Cheap price, cheap lifespan.

Finally, there are premium resins, which are more difficult to use in the manufacturing process.  These lures don’t chip like those made with hard resins, and are more durable than those made with soft resins.  They are UV stable, resist yellowing, and stay beautiful longer.  These high quality resins, and the extra work it takes to use them, are a part of what makes every BFD a premium trolling lure.

We choose to use these premium materials in BFD Lures because they work better for YOU and give you more value and longer life for the money you spend.

Have confidence in our choice of premium raw materials and quality control. BFD design, materials, expert color and skirt combinations give you an edge.

BFD Big Game Lures - Durability, Hard Core Quality.