White Hellcat with Aku Skirt Combo
White Hellcat with Aku Skirt Combo
White Hellcat with Aku Skirt Combo

White Hellcat with Aku Skirt Combo


    Aku is a classic combination and is the Hawaiian word for Skipjack Tuna. Skipjack Tuna / Aku / Bonito are a major food source for marlin and they feast on them in the summer months. This skirt combo has always been effective:  combine it with this white jetted plunger with an iridescent insert that flashes like shell and you have a classic winner.


    We took all the factors of outperformance in our other lures - plus a couple - and incorporated them into our 9" Jetted Plungers. There is not another jetted big game lure on the market like it.

    • First, the 4 oversized jet tubes provide 22% more flow through than conventional jetted lures.

    • Second, our jets are laid out differently, sitting higher on the face so they really 'breathe' when the lure comes up for air.

    • Third, BFD's jetted plungers are Keel Weighted. That's right - a belly-weighted jetted plunger that runs upright and stays in the water.

    • Fourth, BFD's Jetted Plungers have oval skirt saddles providing stability and a more lifelike silhouette.

    • Fifth, like all of our lures, all except for the black and purple GLOW for hours.

    • Finally, our Jetted Plungers have a finished face with more surface area, for uniform appearance, more action and better performance.

    These 9" plungers are perfect for matching the hatch when baits are a little bigger than your 7" lures, going for marlin, wahoo, and bigger tuna.

    Heads weigh 3 ounces un-skirted. Run them on the long corner and the riggers, on 200 - 300 lb leader, and get ready for action!