White Harpy (9
White Harpy (9
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White Harpy (9" Bullet) in Caballito Combo


    Caballito is the spanish word for Goggle Eye. They laughed at me when nothing blue or green would work and I put this in the water.  We Marlined up in 5 minutes.  If you like 'Toad' you'll love Caballito, just like Striped Marlin do!


    The Harpies are a cross between a successful, old standby and new, creative design.  We stopped the line-twisting, color-blending spin of conventionally made bullets with true keel weighting and oval saddles. This baby swims straight with a hydrodynamically designed tight wobble.

    The white Harpy head glows bright green through the transparent textured hologram side panels, which reflect pink, blue, and gold from different angles just like shell does.  Silver hologram glitter in the matrix and red hologram eyes complete the flashy iridescence of this white bullet.

    This 9"  bullet trolling lure presents a mid-range size and silhouette that makes it easy to match the hatch.

    Harpies weigh in at a big 4 ounces unskirted, with a polished head length of 2 3/4".  Run these big game lures on the long corner, short rigger & long rigger, on a 200-300 lb. leader. You can troll this lure at higher speeds and she'll still fly along with a smile on her face.