Purple MOP Siren w/ Purple Reign Skirt Combo
Purple MOP Siren w/ Purple Reign Skirt Combo
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Purple MOP Siren w/ Purple Reign Skirt Combo


    The Purple Siren has piles of Mother of Pearl reflecting iridescence from different angles, giving you more shimmer than a flat shell slab.  The skirt combo is a BFD original, borrowing a page from Lop Chong. (The inners are the same but our outer is clear purple over clear blue.)  Mahi-mahi (Dorado) and Marlin have proven to love these pale purple & lavender colors, and we give the combo a little extra edge with the fishy clear blue belly.


    Yes, these are what many of you called the old 'Tubby' and have been fishing for years.

    Keel-weighted, with oval skirt saddles, these 7″ classic cut-faced plungers are perfectly designed and balanced for stability and action.  BFD’s unique oval saddles help with the anti-spin design, but they also create our unique fish-like profile.  Baitfish are not round!  Our lures look, and swim, like actual fish.  

    Perfect for matching the hatch when baits are 6 – 8 inches, when you need a little more action than a bullet. Can be used on the long rigger, but gets lots of attention at Shotgun. Run Sirens on 60 – 130 lb leader for the best action.

    Ask anyone that's ever used one and they'll tell you ... the 7” Siren catches everything from big marlin, wahoo, tuna, Mahi-Mahi and Sailfish!  The Siren design is a proven winner.  If you’re a lure junkie that loves to catch fish with real shell, this rambunctious little lure is for you!