Oyster Shell Fury with Cremesicle Skirt Combo
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Oyster Shell Fury with Cremesicle Skirt Combo


    Oyster Shell matched with a Cremesicle Skirt Combo is perfect for fall ocean temperature changes when the upwelling is bringing weird things up from the deep.  Also perfect for pelagic fish that are feeding on shrimp and red crab.



    With a long, slim profile, these 8" heavy bullets emulate a different set of baitfish than anything else in your spread.  This 3" long cylinder is full of genuine oyster shell, providing contrast and definition like only shell can.  Not just your average oyster, this shell is brilliant with oranges and pinks.

    Keel weighted, with our trademark oval saddles, the Furies are destined to become a classic.

    These sleek and sexy lures perform beautifully in rough seas and won't skip at higher speeds, giving you an edge over a standard 7" bullet when you need it. Run them on the long corner, riggers or shotgun. We recommend 150 - 200lb leader.